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I first discovered yoga during my Ph.D. studies and immediately felt it’s profound benefits for both my physical body and mental wellbeing.  Yoga has since become a cornerstone of my life, supporting me through a fulfilling academic career where I’ve worn many hats including researcher, lecturer, programme lead and departmental research coordinator.

One of the aspects of yoga that resonates deeply with me is it’s inclusivity.  Yoga welcomes everyone, regardless of their background or ability.  It’s a personal practice devoid of ego; each individuals journey is unique.  What matters most is honouring our own bodies and practicing in a way that best serves our wellbeing, regardless of what others around us may be doing.

I am a yoga teacher with training including GOYA and Yoga Alliance 200-hours course, I am dedicated to sharing the transformative power of yoga with my students.  I am committed to creating a safe, knowledgeable, and authentic space in every class.

I create my yoga classes as sanctuaries where you can discover balance, peace and revitalization.  Drawing from my dual background in yoga and academia, each session is thoughtfully designed to offer a holistic and enriching experience.

Come join me for a yoga class where you can unwind, recharge, and reconnect.  Together, let’s explore the perfect blend of relaxation and invigorating movement.  Your journey to well-being begins right here.